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At Una Buro we thrive on solving puzzles! We specialize in Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) and the modern cloud applications needed to be a connected nonprofit. Our team will help you to assemble your puzzles by leveraging Salesforce and other tech tools.

Why Una Buro?


We will be your guide through your tech journey- never feel lost or alone!


We are agile – always keeping our focus on you

Beyond Tech

We understand your challenges and speak your language

Our Mission

Una Buro is on a mission to level the tech playing field. We believe that all, regardless of size and capital, should have access to the best tools and expertise.

We are passionate about the Salesforce.com platform because this solution levels inequality by giving nonprofits access to the creme-de-la-creme of cloud solutions. The flexibility of the architecture puts the power in the hands of an organization. A small two person organisation can access the same functionalities used by large multinational corporation at no additional cost.

Doing good while doing well is at the heart of Salesforce culture. Through the “Power of Us Program”, registered charities can obtain 10 Salesforce.com licenses free of charge.

Some of our clients

Changemaker Testimonials

Julia and her team are incredibly skilled at simplifying the complex, and at translating business processes into logical modules that everyone in the organisation can understand and use. Their speed and professionalism make organisational change not only possible, but enjoyable! I highly recommend Una Buro if you are looking for a consultant with equal parts skill and heart who will get the job done.

Fiona Crossling

Share the Warmth

Una Buro is the professional support you dream of finding! Going the extra mile is an understatement; always solution-orientated, highly skilled, flexible, responsive. As a grant-making foundation we weren’t initially sure if NPSP could work for us; Una Buro has guided us every step of the way, taking the time to deeply understand our work processes and our values, adapting to our needs, and proactively suggesting solutions that have empowered us to be more effective in delivering our mission. I love my Salesforce!

Laura Butler

Trottier Family Foundation


Increase In Donor Retention


Increase In Constituent Engagement

Million users worldwide


Improved Ability To Achieve Mission

Origins of Una Buro

In latin “una” means “together”, it also means “one”. We believe that when people and technology come together and work as one, magic happens. Buro is short from “bureau” – simplifying “eau” to “o” – tech is complex and it is our job to make it simple.

Progress drives our choices. It is that dedication to change that led us to work with social enterprises and nonprofits. We fundamentally believe that they are the heroes of our communities – they do the heavy-lifting. Our mission is to level the playing field by providing these heroes with the support and tools they need to thrive. We support changemakers because progress occurs when we work together to shake up the status quo.

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