How long does a typical implementation take?

Depending on your size and requirements, the timeframe ranges from 5 weeks to 8 months

Salesforce.com is a web-based. How secure is it?

State of the art secure server facilities, biometric access control, redundant systems. It is trusted by banks, governments, and other highly regulated organizations. Trust is Salesforce’s #1 core value.

You guys sound great but what happens if you are not around, we want to switch suppliers, need a second opinion?

Salesforce has a vast and powerful ecosystem of 3 million Salesforce community users; Power of Us Hub for non-profits is an online forum dedicated to nonprofit customers and it provides incredible support. Nonprofit organisation face similar issues and have similar questions. Post a question in the Hub and someone from the community will help you. There are many other Salesforce partners supporting nonprofits. Salesforce itself also provides support.

We do not have a dedicated IT/tech person in our organization. How can we embark on this journey without a dedicated resource?

We work with organization without a dedicated IT person every day. If they can do it, you can do it too! Select the staff member with the most tech skills (often a social media coordinator), who is curious to learn. We will guide and train them. Easy.

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