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Share the warmth

A community group whose mission is to fight hunger and poverty. Their mission is to awaken hopes and dreams in the community through excellence in programming that fosters the overall development and success of youth, by increasing access to food security and health for everyone and offering work training programs.

The main challenges that Share the Warmth faced were the multiple disintegrated systems (spreadsheets) used to manage donors, volunteers, and other mission-critical programs creating silos and making it difficult to generate actionable insights. Organizational history was a challenge to maintain as new members were joining the program team.

By implementing Salesforce NPSP (donation, fundraising, and volunteer modules); developing custom modules for their food bank, the management of their school food ordering and delivery system, their bursary awards and disbursement program, and their tutoring and student report card tracking methods Una Buro solved a major administrative puzzle for the organization.

We then integrated elements to the system such as CanadaHelps, Mailchimp, Ticketing and Event management tool, and online donation pages.

Having a global view of constituents in a unified system and the ability to generate powerful actionable insights. Salesforce became a process cornerstone fundamental to organizational continuity, from internal processes to program management and beyond.


Julia and her team are incredibly skilled at simplifying the complex, and at translating business processes into logical modules that everyone in the organisation can understand and use. Their speed and professionalism make organisational change not only possible, but enjoyable! I highly recommend Una Buro if you are looking for a consultant with equal parts skill and heart who will get the job done.

Fiona Crossling

Share the Warmth


Logifem provides shelter and care to women and children in Montreal. Logifem’s mission is to help and empower women in difficulty with physical, social, emotional, psychological and spiritual needs to face the future with strength, courage, hope and dignity.

The main challenge this nonprofit was facing was the absence of a central command center, which was resulting in substantial time effort from various staff members. Shelter management was paper-based, making it challenging to collaborate and track resident intervention and follow-up activities. Their Access database used for client management was developed many years ago, proved challenging to maintain and was no longer operational. Without a robust platform, it was time-consuming and difficult to generate government grant applications and perform reporting.

We solved this puzzle by implementing the following:

  • The standard donations, fundraising, and volunteer modules from Salesforce NPSP
  • A custom developed module for managing the shelter (client files, maintenance activities, usage, etc.)
  • A custom developed module for managing human resources (employee profiles, timesheet tracking)
  • A full integration with CanadaHelps, Mailchimp

As a result of our magic Logifem now has a central command center that enables standardized processes and has led to dynamic results. Less manual tasks, more time to focus on their mission.


La Fondation LOJIQ

Les Offices jeunesse internationaux du Québec (LOJIQ) mission is to pursue the professional and personal development objectives of young Quebec adults in an international context by offering the opportunities and services of the l’Office franco-québécois pour la jeunesse (OFQJ) and l’Office Québec-Monde pour la jeunesse (OQMJ).

Given an ambitious goal to advance La Fondation LOJIQ and raise over 3 million dollars in a short period of time the Director of Philanthropy needed an intelligent, connected, and dynamic platform to execute the mandate. A flagship event was approaching quickly. Many tickets need to be sold, key sponsorships to be secured, and hundreds of lottery tickets to be sold. How can it all be managed from one place, providing instant updates – all on a tight budget? After a rigorous selection process, the choice was platform and Una Buro team to make the magic happen in 2 months.

This mandate showcases the power of Salesforce’s ecosystem and its connectivity. SimpleTix platform was used to provide front-end ticketing. Multiple donation pages and lottery tickets were powered by a Jotform (with Square connector). Leveraging Zapier we connected external applications to Salesforce NPSP (donation, fundraising, and volunteer modules), creating a connected command center. Only standard objects were used to meet the requirements.

The result gave LOJIQ’s foundation an integrated, highly-connected command center, set to grow and adapt to ambitious goals and evolving objectives. No code, little customization and raw creativity were at work to execute this mandate.


Professional & efficient, the Una Buro team is simply exceptional. I appreciate Julia’s quality advice, her proactivity, her unwavering commitment, her mastery of deadlines and her rigorous follow-up. This allows us to obtain results that exceed our expectations for every project. Congratulations Una Buro and thank you Julia for being our trusted partner in Salesforce!

Steven-Paul Pioro

Foundation Director, LOJIQ

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