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Solutions for Community Organizations

From a simple registration form to full-blown turnkey implementations, we have delivered over 50 nonprofit projects and developed a solid expertise in the sector. We know the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) and related add-ons inside and out.

Getting started on Salesforce

Setting you up for success on the most powerful platform in the world. Ensuring that your org (Salesforce account) is setup properly.

Central Command Center

Kicking it up a notch by personalizing building blocks of your Salesforce, turning it to a Command Center that will give you tailored segmentation of your constituents.

Donations and Fundraising Modules

The Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) comes with pre-configured processes for fundraising, donor management, and donor stewardship. We will help you align and extend out-of-box-features with your organization’s specific needs.

Volunteer Modules

Relying on volunteers to move your mission forward and need to centralize sign-up process, scheduling, reporting, and shift reminders? We got you covered!

Member management

Salesforce can help you manage your various membership type, ensuring timely renewals and engagement.

Grant management for Foundations

As a grant-making entity you need to stay on top of the applicants and grant selection process. Leveraging the flexibility of the platform, we will help you design and implement it in Salesforce.

Event management

Planning a gala or big event and need a seamless process to integrate
with Salesforce? We can help you find the right ticketing platform and integrate tickets sales to your Salesforce.

Program Management

  • Food banks
  • Shelters and client/guest tracking
  • Bursary and project applications
  • Human Resources
  • Engagement tracking

Data migration and transformation

Data migration can be a daunting task, especially when switching systems. During data migration and transformation process, legacy databases, numerous Excel and Google sheets converged in Salesforce, giving you a united view of your data.

User Training

Proper user training is essential for user adoption. We help to onboard and train users via personalized approach, focusing on specific use cases and scenarios.

Admin Training

We train admins to become “Jedi”, sharing best practices and helping optimize the use of Salesforce, manage storage, drive adoption, and develop data governance strategy.

Health Check

Let’s look under the hood and change the oil. As any system, it is important to keep your org clean to ensure optimal operation. Unused fields, reports, record types, objects, applications, and other behind-the-scenes elements can slow you down. We will help you understand the state of your org and clean up.

CanadaHelp Salesforce Connector assistance

Having trouble getting your CanadaHelps connector to work? Let us help! Tell us about your issue. A 30-min call will be scheduled within a week to help you troubleshoot. Absolutely free.

On demand support services

Give us a puzzle and we will solve it!

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