List Views. Redefined.

by Ryan Ram

If you are anything like me and have longed for the ability to export list views, let me introduce you to your new favorite app: Ascendix Search. Ascendix Search combines the extensive filtering options available in reports with the functionality and appearance of list views and tops it off by adding other features not available natively in Salesforce. If that sounds like a lot packed into a single search object, that’s because it is.

Let’s start with the core part of the object: the search.


Unlike existing list views where you can only filter by fields from the object selected, Ascendix allows you to perform cross object searches and filter using fields from related objects. You can a select seemingly infinite number of fields and objects to filter your results down to the most precise list of records.

After you run the search, a list view with your results will appear. Ascendix allows you to view an entire record detail page and its related objects without having to navigate away from the list view. Though you can already bulk edit in list views, Ascendix improves on this functionality by allowing you to bulk edit any field on the object being searched, not just those with visible columns. This subtle difference is actually quite significant as it enables you to show only the most pertinent info without having to worry about how it will affect your ability to work with the records shown.

While Ascendix Search undoubtedly enhances the Salesforce user experience, the app does have some limitations that prevent it from realizing its full potential. Most notably, you can only bulk edit fields on the primary object. Other more minor weaknesses include not being able to view saved searches as object list views, its pay-per-user license model, and the inability to load an entire list of results (can load a maximum of 250 results, and then requires scrolling to load additional results).

Despite these limitations, Ascendix Search still remains an extremely useful app that offers major upgrades over the traditional list views. Ascendix Search doesn’t quite combine the full functionality of reports with list views, but it comes very close, and for that reason it is certainly worth having for any Salesforce user who regularly relies on list views during their normal workflow.


  • Ability to perform cross object searches without running a report
  • Can bulk edit any field on the object, not just those being displayed
  • Can view an entire record detail page without navigating away from the results


  • Unable to bulk edit fields from related objects
  • Saved searches are not visible as object list views
  • Maximum 250 results can be loaded at one time

Price: 10$USD/month/user

Recommended for orgs with high volume of records when editing in mass and often “querying” is critical.


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