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The Konect webinars were essential in helping to fine tune our existing working knowledge of
Salesforce, and fundraising tactics and strategies.

Stephanie Tomé

Project Manager, Quebec Veterans Foundation

What we would like to learn about you.


Who are you?

Hello, my name is Stephanie and I am the Project Manager for the Quebec Veterans Foundation

What is your organization mission?

The Quebec Veterans Foundation (QVF) offers concrete support to veterans during their transition to civilian life.  The QVF finances programs offering direct services to veterans in long-term care at Ste. Anne’s Hospital and to male and female veterans suffering from operational stress injuries or experiencing episodes of homelessness and addiction.  The QVF strongly believes women and men, who have served their country, should all feel pride and be able to continue to contribute to their community in the context of their civilian life.

What impact has the pandemic had?

The programs we finance were all based on a face-to-face presence.  The pandemic forced us to quickly react and try to move towards a more virtual program offering.  We purchased iPads for the veterans in long-term care to be able to video chat with the loved ones; the therapeutic and recreational yoga courses are now offered via Zoom, are just a couple of examples.

How have Konect webinars helped me or my organization during the pandemic? What new measures have you put in place?

The Konect webinars were essential in helping to fine tune our existing working knowledge of Salesforce, and fundraising tactics and strategies.

What lessons have you learned from this situation?

The pandemic has opened our eyes to how essential it is to be able to offer the programs and services we finance via multiple delivery methods, including virtually and in person virtual services to help reach veterans across all four corners of the process.

Transitioning from working together in the office to virtually from home has helped to fortify our bond as a team and taught us that almost anything is possible no matter where you’re located.

What can we wish you for the next year?

Over the next year, we hope to retain our generous donors and deploy efforts to building our database.  Donors are essentially in the continued financing of our current programs and allow us to expand and help more veterans across Quebec.  Our veterans have made countless sacrifices to keep us safe and it is our turn to help them.

Special thanks to

I would like to thank everyone from Konect, in front and behind the scenes, who worked tirelessly to help provide solid and tangible support for the non-profits during these unprecedented times.  Their engagement and dedication to going above and beyond is remarkable.

A heartfelt thank you to all our steadfast donors and service providers.  Despite the pandemic, their generosity has been overwhelmingly remarkable.  Together, we are stronger.

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