Duplicates Be Gone

by Ryan Ram

There are many bad practices in Salesforce one can undertake. Arguably the worst of all is to create duplicate records. If you’ve had the misfortune of dealing with duplicate contacts, you will know it might mean being exposed to incorrect or outdated information, related records might be split between the multiple duplicate contacts, which in turn leads to incorrect roll-up totals, which culminates in inaccurate reporting. Duplicates are evil.

Luckily, there is an app that can solve all your duplicate problems: Duplicate Check (DC). While Salesforce has native functionality that allows you to identify and merge duplicates, it falls woefully short of being able to sufficiently manage bulk records. DC is a comprehensive app that makes it easier to identify, manage, and prevent duplicates. Let me explain.

The core part of DC is the DC Job. DC Job is where you go to identify duplicate records en masse. When running the search, you can use DC’s default scenario, or you can customize your own by selecting the fields you prioritize and weighting them based on your org’s interests and data. Once the DC Job is finished running, DC gives you the option to manually or auto-merge records. (Auto-merging is only available on a paid subscription).

DC doesn’t only make it easier to clean up your duplicate problem, they also help prevent duplicates from being created in the beginning. DC Entry is an alternative option for manually creating records where each field is being searched against all other records, as they are being entered, and identifies in real time any duplicates you may be in the process of creating. DC Entry makes it easier for any Salesforce user by removing the need to search if records exist before manually creating new ones.

 A final tool from DC that really helps tackle the duplicate issue is DC Live. DC Live is only available on paid plans, but it certainly makes a compelling reason to upgrade. DC Live is a lightning component that identifies duplicates when on a record page. Unlike Salesforce’s native duplicate lightning component, DC Live allows you to reject falsely flagged duplicates. It also allows you to merge more than the three records; the amount limited by Salesforce’s native component.

These are just three of the many features DC offers but you should have an idea of the significant de-duping power packed into this app. Arguably the best part about DC is that unlike most many other apps, DC offers robust value in its free version. The free version allows you to search up to 5,000 records, with potentially an additional 5,000 records. Whether you have a duplicate problem or simply looking to be proactive, DC is worth getting for anyone looking to protect their Salesforce’s health from the worst possible problem: duplicates. 


  • Highly refined custom scenarios to identify duplicates
  • Robust, free version allowing for up to 10,000 records to be analyzed
  • Ability to identify potential duplicates before records are created
  • Option to auto-merge duplicate contacts when found (to be used with caution)
  • Discounts for non-profits


  • Paid plan required to access functionalities
  • Paid plan required to analyze 10k+ records

Premium plan starts at $1799 USD per year (before non-profit discount)

Recommended for orgs of any size due to the extensive suite of duplicate management tools and functionality not available through Salesforce’s matching and duplicate tools.


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