Our process

Our responsibility is to build a system that meets your precise needs. We implement best practices from various industries.

Our values

These core values all make up the foundation of the way we interact with people, build teams and collaborate with partners.

Our team

The Una Buro team is made up of technology specialists & Salesforce experts. We’re here to save you time & money!

equality matters


At Una Buro it is our firm belief that creativity and innovation can only be born at the intersection of authentic inclusion and intentional diversity. We strive to build a diverse team because people with different backgrounds and experiences bring fresh perspectives to the table. Diversity of gender, race, and religion create diversity of thought; a rich spectrum of ideas allowing creative solutions to emerge.

What we do to promote equality?

  • We established the UnaEngage program to take an active role in supporting workforce development.
  • We actively seek new team members from underrepresented groups.
  • We strive to work with nonprofits whose missions vary.

The business of businesses is to make a difference. At Una Buro, it is our mission to do good and doing good starts with equality.  


Our process

Our responsibility is to build a system that meets your precise needs. We will identify and suggest best practices used in the sector and across various industries. We don’t reinvent the wheel if we see an established and proven designs that can be used for your organization – saving you time and money.

The possibilities with technology are endless but the budget is not. Our strategy is to contain the cost, meaning if the solution to a problem requires more funding (example: an app or code which we need to purchase), we will recommend adjusting the process instead and use features available out-of-the-box.

We know that nonprofits are always on a limited budget, so we negotiate and encourage our partners in the tech industry to recognize our clients’ missions by offering the best possible price. We make it our business to be aware discounts and special offers available for nonprofits. We have a network of awesome collaborators who donate their products, solutions, and expertise to nonprofits. When needed, we help our clients to apply for grants and raise money for digital transformation.

We will train you to become experts of your system. Our goal is for you to become independent using from us or any other Salesforce consultant. We go out of our way to make sure the design and user interface is not only functional but also comfortable and intuitive.


How we work

We will work collaboratively always keeping your organization’s goal clearly defined. When necessary, we go back to the design stage and make sure that we developed an optimal solution. We work in phases, breaking down complex processes and systems into easy-to-tackle phases. We start simply and build complexity as we progress. User adoption is critical for success, therefore, we adjust to your rhythm.

Our approach to avoid programmatic automations (custom code) at all costs and leverage out-of-box functionalities of the platform.

Confidentiality is part of showing our stakeholders kindness and respect. And this show of respect is something we take very seriously.

Our Values

Doing good and working hard

Having a collaborative spirit and knowing hard work is core to getting good things done.

Have Fun

Laugh and make fun of ourselves. Having fun at work is a must. Enjoy the journey and don’t race to the destination. Life is precious, so let’s enjoy it every day.

Making a difference

Making an impact on people we work with is key. We want to help organizations develop new ways of looking at making change. Ultimately, we want to move the needle in the right direction with every strategic choice we make – one piece at a time.


Push through the hard part until we get to our goal. Our secret is that we are not afraid to fail – we work until there’s a solution that fits.

Express gratitude

At the end of each day we make sure to refill our “gratitude cup” by giving thanks and acknowledging the big and little things that made our day.

Supporting the underdogs

It’s only fair to stand up for underserved groups, support them and be an ally.

Reliability and presence

We do not leave people hanging. Care and kindness means supporting people through the process and beyond.

Our Team

Julia Khon

President and Principal Consultant

Julia is a goal-digger. She has strong values that shaped her as an individual and have greatly impacted the work she does. She is a go-getter who knows that nothing is out of reach if you work hard and have a passion for the mission. She’s a no-regrets kind of girl. You can find her running on most days, or perfecting her pancake recipe. She has travelled around the world and is always looking for new mountain trails to conquer. Julia holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the John Molson School of Business and has 17+ years of experience in finance, accounting, project management, information technology, strategy, and sales.

Favorite superhero: Iron Man.

Mitchell Swailes

Chief Solution Engineer

Solving complex problems, mastering new technologies, and finding creative, elegant solutions to puzzles are Mitchell’s fortes. He is a master integrator and configurator; learning new platforms and processes at the speed of light. He loves math and science, and tutored high-school students and adults. He is a serious Disney connoisseur who enjoys editing videos, playing soccer, listening to country music, and has roadied for rock bands. Mitchell is a mechanical engineering graduate from Concordia University.

Favorite superhero: Spider-Man.

Ryan Ram

Deployment Lead

Driven and detail-oriented, Ryan is a true team player who knows how to step up and get things done. He believes that authentic communication is the key to achieving success in work and life and that happiness is life’s ultimate pursuit. An avid St Louis Cardinals baseball fan, Ryan has travelled across North America visiting baseball stadiums and can often be found playing sports or watching his favorite teams on television. He  is also a huge animal enthusiast and is eager to get a dog of his own. Ryan holds a Master’s from York and Ryerson in Communication and Culture.

Favorite superhero: Batman.

Caroline boudreau

Cloud consulting and development

Driven by curiosity, Caroline enjoys learning. She loves challenges and complexities of computer science and mathematics. Perseverance and determination are her core strengths, as she works tirelessly to find solutions when a problem arises. Caroline is passionate about photography, nature and traveling and takes great pride and pleasure in helping people and animals. As a gardener she grows vegetable and fruits every year. Caroline is a graduate of Gérald-Godin College in computer science technology and a future software engineering student at ÉTS.

Favorite superhero: Wonder Woman.

Community Trailblazers

Often we need specific expertise, custom codes, best practice advice, or simply bounce ideas around. As we share our customer stories with peers in the tech space, many raise their hand and want to help. Developers, consultants, and analysts across the world donate their expertise to helps us level the tech playing field for your mission.

Our Partners

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